When you cross the finish line, no matter how slow or fast, it will change your life forever because anything is possible

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We provide weekly coached multi-sport group sessions, as well as personalized online coaching options for those preferring to train on their own. We have proven record of our athletes, where we have helped them achieve their goals.

— Andre Brand

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Sports Massage

The wide variety of exposure to the different athletes has given Andre a huge advantage when treating athletes for minor injuries or whether to prevent injuries from happening.


Everyone’s story at Step Up Sport is different but one thing remains the same, we all have a vision to achieve our goals and celebrate each other’s success. We are a close group and know each other by name, we are a sport family and understand each other’s needs. Step Up Sport will take you to where ever your vision can take you, together with an awesome bunch of people.

Alex Krebs

Step Up offers an environment for any person to become the best version of themselves, and to discover that your best is way beyond what you thought possible. The group has a friendly family feel, with members fully supporting each others’ endeavours, and encouraging you to greater heights. Under Andre’s guidance, within the space of less than a year, I managed to surpass every goal I set out to accomplish, including podium finishes in my age group and most recently completing my first Ironman.

Gerrida Uys

Andre has very professional and passionate approach to coaching, because he is an exemplary and dedicated athlete himself and he love the sport. With meticulous planning in the form of his athlete custom program and personal approach to each athlete he transforms your ability to perform at your best and gives you courage to push even further than what you though was possible.

Francois Basson

Having only started participating in triathlon a couple of months before I joined Step Up Sport, I had the need to get more individualized guidance and coaching to reach my full potential in the sport. In Andre I found not only a coach that is a seasoned international athlete who is truly familiar with what it takes to compete in this demanding sport, but also a well-qualified coach that was able to combine the basic theories of coaching with the practical realities and requirements of the individual athlete.

Etienne van Wyk

I never run more than a couple meters without walking since I am 20 years old. About six years ago I read an article in a runners magazine where they gave some tips how to start running. I tried it out which lead eventually to a 5 km run. But then I got stuck. In January 2017 (just turned 51) I started training with Andre Brand. I shared with him my dream to possibly be able to run and survive a half marathon. For him it was a given that I would be able to achieve this.

Cristina Krebs