André started his sports massage career in 2003 and today it’s one of the three main focuses of STEP UP SPORT. Together with coaching and personal training, comes the maintenance of your muscles. You need to rest, stretch and look after your body.

A sports massage helps with good blood flow, preventing injuries, loosening muscles and maintaining a healthy balance between training hard and giving your body a rest.

The wide variety of exposure to different athletes and their backgrounds have given André a big advantage when treating his clients.



We would like to introduce Biokineticists le Sueur and West.

Nastasha West

She has a passion for both physical and intellectual health and fitness; with a desire to positively impact people’s lives and holistic well-being. She values the importance of training for activities of daily life and reaching full functional ability. Her academic qualifications include a BHSc Hons in Biokinetics from the University of Witwatersrand, as well as a BCom in Sport Management from the University of Johannesburg, and a Sports Massage qualification. She has a particular interest in Orthopaedic and Neurological Biokinetics, and Sport Injury Rehabilitation. Nastasha is a qualified higher performance sports coach in athletics and netball; with a particular interest in triathlon cross training. She strives for individualised training, high standards of patient care and valuable personal interactions.
SUS is very fortunate to have Nastasha at their new Paardevlei premises. Feel free to make a booking with her: | 0846205948
[photo: left]

Chanelle le Sueur

She did her qualifications at the University of the Free State and has been practicing in Somerset West for 6 years as a Biokineticist. She went on to complete international recognized Hydrotherapy courses : watsu 1 and 2 and Advanced international aquatics. Chanelle has a big passion for mountain biking, and fitness. She has a special passion for working with geriatric and weight loss patients. Her contagious energy brings a fresh energy on the floor. Special interests include functional training, chronic diseases and orthopaedics.
SUS is very fortunate to have Chanelle at their new Paardevlei premises. Feel free to make a booking with her: | 0730559269
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“Really great setup, professional and clean. The deep tissue massages are super good, race prep, maintenance or race recovery, André does the job well!” – Gabriel Kriel (SA ultra-trail runner, winner of Addo Ultra Trail 2020)

“Professional setup, André knows his stuff and those deep tissue massages are the best. Pre- and post event, best to give yourself the best shot.” – Stanley Reed (Ultra-trail runner)