SUS Success Stories

In 2019, while taking part in an MTB race, I realised that I was out of my comfort zone and not fit enough to do these types of races. At the spur of the moment, we were invited to a fundraising event for runners who will be taking part in a race, raising funds for a charity. I was bid-happy that evening and made a bid on coaching programs from Step Up Sport. Little did I know that this would change my life instantly. I contacted André and since I started following my personalised training programs and had my personal training sessions with him, I have lost 21kg. It also got me to take the leaps I wanted in my triathlon training. André is way too humble about what he achieved in his career as a pro-athlete. Plenty of athletes have the experience of the sports, but not all of them can coach. André is an exception. He is both brilliant in guiding (coaching) his clients as well as great in plenty of sports disciplines. Thank you, André and Step Up Sport, for all the support!




I started my life-changing journey chasing the IM 70.3 dream with a friend. We have done races before, but without any consistent pre-training to reach goals. Due to COVID-19 the 2020 IM 70.3 race was cancelled, and we decided to do a solo mission, raising funds for two businesses. André Brand (Step Up Sport multi-sport coach) guided us with personalised training programs to become better athletes in the three disciplines Рswimming, cycling, and running. No regrets! It was the best decision to train with him. I have also dropped weight from 149.7kg to 117kg. Thanks, bru! Forever grateful.




Having reached a body weight of 113kg I decided to take matters in my own hands and attempt to address the issue. I used to hike twice a month and started visiting the gym to reduce the weight. I am 63 years old and my journey started in December 2019.

Upon my visit at the Truwellness Centre I was given a full assessment and decided to start my path to a fitter life with the help of multi-sport coach and trainer, André Brand. A plan was carefully created to help me lose the weight and get stronger to improve my hiking goals. André suggested that we start with 3 training sessions a week and on the days we did not train, that I should complete a program that he provided me (including two rest days). He has 17 years of experience in his field of fitness, an amiable personality, strong discipline ethic and a wide knowledge of sport training.

‚ÄėConsistency and discipline‚Äô is Andr√©‚Äôs mantra.

Now, September 2020, I have lost 11kg (without a strict diet), my fitness level in hiking has spiked to grade 3 with ease and I am able to jog 15km in 2 hours 15 minutes. Mentally and physically I have a stronger sense of wellbeing. I am thankful.